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On December 21st this year, ON THE LONGEST NIGHT a major event is happening: the Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn. From an astrological perspective Stars by Joseph explained it this way, “Jupiter and Saturn make conjunctions in roughly a 19.6 yearly average cycle, where they will meet each other by the same Zodiacal degree by longitude, but don’t appear to be ‘on top of each other’ in the sky (aka ‘parallel by declination’ in fancy astrology lingo) as we will observe in this special conjunction occurring on Monday, December 21, 2020, at 1:20 pm EST, about 8 hours after the moment of the exact solstice (occurring at Sun 0º Capricorn on December 21, 2020, 5:02 am EST).”

One of the significant factors of this particular Great Conjunction (GC) is that it takes place in Aquarius and is the first of a series of GCs to occur over the next 200 years in an air sign. Mantineia explains the cycle, “The 200-year cycle consists of many Great Conjunctions (which is any Jupiter Saturn conjunction, occurring every 20 years or so) that all occur in the same element, not in the same sign. In the case of the last 200 years, that element was Earth. This every 200-year-or-so (there is some wobble at the beginning and end of these cycles) change of the Great Conjunctions from one element to another is called the Great Mutation.

“The 1981 GC in Libra (an Air sign) was part of that wobble. Then the next GC, in 2000, was in Taurus (an Earth sign). It was the last GC in an Earth sign we will see for almost 800 years (4 Elements x 200 years per element).” Stars by Joseph agrees with this explanation, and said, “Since 1802, Jupiter and Saturn have met with one another in only the Earth signs of the zodiac, specifically Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn. One recent exception is in the years 1980-81, when they met in Air sign Libra – these slippage periods often precede a full “mutation” element change. Prior to the Earth sign conjunction cycle about to conclude, these two planets met in only Fire signs.”

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