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1. Born Donors

Born Donors 


I wrote this a while age (at least 7 or so years ago or more when TempleUVUP was doing well) However I did slightly update it a bit 

There are those whom are born to be donors and require Vampyres or others to feed on them to take what they have way too much of - often causing them anxiety and to not sleep enough too often. Whether just human or Otherkin there are many who are born with Anxiety, hyperactivity, mania, as well as insomnia and need those like us to aid them so they do not require chemicals or other substances that could be overused or become addictive if not used properly. Many of the stuff used for this is not always the safest esp if they have kids and the side effects are not always the greatest… 

Added by: Rev. JP Vanir the Dark Druid Goth
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