How does one know if they are a Vampyre? I still and will always believe that Vampyres unlike humans need energy from other sources because there body does not have enough for what we are. I also believe we are spiritually different than humans and that what we are is a spiritual condition. The simple Definition of Vampyre is one who needs energy (Life force) because our bodies don't have enough for our soul. We take it through the blood (some of the life force or human energy is in the blood) of be the taking of it directly if we are strong enough. Most Vampyres are tired and drained when alone but are usually hyper, often have high anxiety, and feel high and extremely powerful when around large crowds.

We may also take it from animals and nature (as well as music sometimes) but the best source is human since we are also human. Most normal people can get the energy they need from food and the sun but Vampyres often feel hungry and thirsty all the time with out satisfaction and they still feel tired especially when they are alone depending on how well they know how to feed. All Vampyres have a Vampyre soul or they are just humans who practice Vampyrism.

There are two main types of Vampyres Human Vampyres and Vampyr Spirits or gods; the Human Living Vampyres are part human and part Vampyre there are also the pure blood vampyres Spirits or Gods but they are not human and don't have a human body (possession perhaps?) Of course you won't find these Vampyres on the internet and rarely in our realm. There are also other types of Vampyres depending on how the choose to feed or feed best. There are Psychic Vampyres who feed off of the psychic energies around them (as well as life force) and Sanguis Vampyres who feed on blood which has plasma or energy (life force) contained with in it.

Many Vampyres are Empathetic. Empathy is the ability to know someone else's emotions psychically, during normal conversation and at a distance. Body language and tone of voice are not empathy, only psychic perceptions. Empathy is a limited type of telepathy, which is easier for most people to learn and is the most common of all psychic abilities. We need to continually feed on human energy since we are Gods/Goddesses in a weaker human form and there fore deplete our human body. It is not so much a deficiency however as that we have a Vampyr (demigod) Soul which is difficult to contain in a Human shell so we feed from our Human shell but also must feed on other sources of energy as well as keep our Human shell healthy.

Because we are in Human bodies and Human energy is the most powerful living energy source that is what we need to feed on to lead healthier lives than we normally would. We have more of the terminology at the end of this book. Our community seems to not be able to agree on whether being a Vampyre is a spiritual condition, a virus, mutation or what have you but most seem to want to treat it as a curse rather than a positive thing. Another MAIN difference between Vampyres and Human/Animal as well as plant kind is we are more spiritual creatures from the shadow (supernatural realms - though in a human body); we there fore cannot get the needed energy from the sunlight that most normal Human/Animal as well as plant kind needs to sustain a normal healthy life. If we do not feed on other sources (preferably Human) we may get extremely sick but most of our kind Naturally feeds on ambient energy even if they don't realize it to survive here; so it is important not to starve yourselves as taking small amounts will not hurt them and they will get it back constantly but we cannot...

I realize we have difficulties like any race or species but we have more abilities than the average person so I fully embrace what I am…


© Founding Father J P Vanir 



A Little Bit About Energy and Feeding:



The energy we need is best taken from humans since we are also human but other sources of energy can be used as well such as Nature and Music. Chakras are the Energy Centers of the body, each relate to specific power points in which one may utilize to grow in power. Chi is all around us so we must take it in and grow strong and healthy from it. You may also focus on these to drain others during Vampyric workings. The eye is the window of the soul and also represents the soul so we must there for use it to take in what we need. There is human energy and life force in blood. There is also plasma in blood which is energy.


Food is energy for Animals (humans); carbohydrates and sugar is fast acting energy and proteins are long acting energy. Plasma is also protein and protein fuels carbohydrates which is energy in blood. As well as that many religions would use blood in there rituals and claim it as the energy and life of themselves or others. So does that make Sanguine Vampyres Psychic as well? It would stand to reason to expect it is best for Vampyres to be present at events where there is much of this emotional energy available, such as Major sports events, church, and Rock concerts. The very act of worshipping them provides us with energy and even some religious gatherings are welcome buffets for us.








Astral Vampyrism is often done during your sleeping hours (more complicated) or your targets sleeping hours (best results). You can also do this while you are awake for easier projection. For best results strong focus is a must especially a connection of some sort with your victim though see him or her once and having a strong picture of them or a personal possession of the target will also work. An object of focus to imagine as the target may also work or to send the object out to take the targets energy for you may work well for you too.



A Strong will or an extremely focused mind is most important to feed by Astral Vampyrism. The Vampyre must focus on there Target or victim and imagine there inner soul or being feeding on the target by piercing his or hers key energy points. There are many points explained in several cultures but the main key points are here:


1. Spirit or Soul: The highest point of energy located in the third eye or head…


2. Pranic CenterThe next highest point of energy located in the heart area of the individual….


3. TantricA very high energy point of Tantric or sexual vampyres located around the genitalia…




There are several methods of Astral feeding to enhance the amount of Life force or Energy you get as well as effect the way the Target, Victim, or Life Giver perceives this Feeding. These methods often charges up a great amount of energy as it awakens strong emotions in you target or victim.


1. Night Terror* or Fear FactorThis method is used to terrorize or scare your target or victim and they often believe they are having a nightmare (Fear as well as pain are very strong source of energy)…


2. Tantric Eroticism*A method using sexual overtones or having sex with your Target during your night feedings (Sex and orgasm is a very strong source of energy)…  


3. Ritual or Dramatic*Using ritual symbolism or dramatic over tones to your night visitation during feeding. (These can also release high energy levels)…  



© Founding Father J P Vanir 


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