Cool, light and refreshing as a summer night. Green and dewy with hints of floral and fruit.


¼ teaspoon psyllium seed husk fiber


¼ teaspoon star anise powder


1/8 teaspoon green stevia leaf powder


1 tablespoon packed ground raspberry leaf


2 drops jasmine fragrance*


2 drops almond *


2 drops strawberry*





The jasmine I'm using is the Now Company Jasmine Fragrance. It's food safe, and less expensive than an essential oil, but if you have a different jasmine, you may need to adjust the quantity.


The strawberry in the mix is an artificial candy flavoring concentrate from Lorann. I fins alcohol based extracts just are not concentrated enough to be of use to a finished incense blend, but a flavoring used a few drops at a time comes through nicely. If you'd prefer a natural fruit derivative, consider citrus, and add one drop at a time to adjust for strength variations.


The almond is also a candy concentrate, and also made by Lorann company, but it's only ingredient is almond. If your almond is from a different company, use one drop at a time to adjust for strength variations.


Since this is one of many vaguely greenish blends I make, I generally add blue food color to help tell my blends apart, but it's not critical to the fragrance and can be skipped.


Put all ingredients together in a small mixing container. Add water a little at a time till a dough forms. Shape sticks and let dry, adding more water to the mix as needed.


The raspberry leaf is fluffy, even when wet, but you'll see and feel texture changes when it's to dry or too wet to shape smoothly.

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