Paganism used to be the main Religion of the world until the cult of the mystical messiah took over and people like to believe they can do whatever they want just to be forgiven in the end. It is sad that they believe that they need only one God to do everything and that his power is believable but somehow our Gods are not believable and can do it all in just 6 days? That is unbelievable! I believe one God made the humans and other animals but the other Gods and Goddesses created the rest and it certainly took longer than 6 days. First the Gods would have to have to create the world in which we live. We would then need plants for the plant eaters and trees for oxygen then oceans, lakes, rivers, and fish. Then animals and then humans to watch over the animals and land as well as provide food for the Gods. That is my belief on how the world came about...


  1. The Gods are Vampires and humans are there food that is what is a vampire
  2. Trees provide oxygen for everything
  3. Animals  and grains provide food for humans as well as plants
  4. Animals also provide food for other animals as do plants and fish
  5. Plants and other fish provide food for other fish as do plants


The Gods and Spirits which are also Vampires eventually had relationships with Humans since we are close tho them and one God did created a God like woman who was also a Vampire because he was curious what would happen but because he was a very masculine Gods he assumed she would remain under him but that was ridiculous because she already a Vampire and he was actually under her as less evolved that is why Gods should not do experiments but not all Gods are just and why humans as well as animals have so many mistakes and evolution has its flaws because the God that created them messes things up too often. That my friends is problem with the christian God he also wanted to dominate the other Gods. That is one of many reasons I don't  like him...


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