I´m thinking about Christmas traditions and Santa Claus... The original Finnish "Kekripukki" Santa Claus has been really different than the current one. Kekripukki tradition is from old Finnish Kekri tradition. In earlier times Kekri did not have any particular tied time to the calendar date, but it was celebrated even in the same village in the different buildings at different times, depending on when each had received a major harvest work done. Kekri tradition began to disappear with industrialization and urbanization, and many exchanged the Kekri customs to the traditions that have been transferred from Christmas and the modern New Year holidays celebrations. Kekri often reminded of the Germans carnivals. It also joined the 12 days that it usually lasted for a division of a time when work is usually not done more than it was necessary. On the second day of Kekri peoples started to circulate in the village. Entourages travelled in the villages, which included kekripukki or kekrittär disguised characters, and they were seeking entertainment from the houses. The village Kaisa feeding cattle could also include a procession of Bountiful Fairy Godmother, a large chest was full of nipples. Apparently, the main character was Kekripukki, and the horned creature intended was a horrible for a fearsome appearance. Kekripukki could be made from bearskin or similar thing where under the two men walked, buckets as horns, ax as a nose and the long arm bone tail. Straw, fur and masks were also used in this scribble disguise. The village Kaisaksi were dressed longest or the most handsome man of the village. He guarded the Kekripukki. Pukki often visited on the date when it was called Nuuttipukikki. The church did not accept Kekri´s pagan celebrations. The bishop's visitation in 1729 was given Rautalammi a call to the priesthood, that "they had to advise faithful church of God, abandon magic". Several entries are 1600s and 1700s court records tell Kekri lambs known that were eaten unchristian way in honor of the holder. Fear of punishment, for example, the family moved to the barn to eat Kekri´s festive meal. The Finns were accustomed to spend Kekri celebration, which involved also received thank for the food from the harvest. The ban was so severe, that the way of celebration was forgotten, as well as old songs and poems.


One of my childhood Christmas my uncle tried to play Santa Claus and I did not like it, because he was not the real Santa. My dad ,uncle and relatives went to grab from the street a drunken Santa Claus. This Santa Claus did not quite knew how to behave and tried to drink all the Christmas drinks and be too close to a German girl friend of my father. Christmas evening ended with a throw out of the drunken Santa Claus. This was a terrible shock to me that I was used to the nice Father Christmas and a happy Christmas celebration. What a crazy Christmas memory! Maybe he was the bad Kekripukki???... HAH ;) Do you have better?

I think that the "Rare Export" movie has been inspired by old Finnish Kekripukki ???... This film was for me a very amusing incident, and I was almost a sworn not to look at it. Reason was that there was not a single woman actor, although this no women atmosphere did not disrupted the fun of it anyway HAH;) http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1401143/

Happy Holliday´s for everybody! :)

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