There are many TV witches to count, and often I find them to be lacking in truth, even if they make for a good bit of entertainment. When I started watching Penny Dreadful, I was expecting a visually impressive show with little to do with real research on occult or spiritual topics.
It may have been the very pretty actor who plays Dorian Grey that got me to season 2, but it was the wonderful handling of "The Cut-Wife" that really made the show for me. She is no "Glenda the Good", nor some antithesis of all things considered good and christian. Rather than a "Love and Light" or "Black as Night', she's a beautiful extension and expression of both the dark and light aspects of humanity, nature, and reality that's rare to see in film. Though it's still entertainment, this one comes with some deep research that really makes a history nerd like me smile.


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