My magical place, where I have visited  and I have also heard that my mother`s family is originally from Koli.

At Koli are several caves, including one known as “Pirunkirkko” = Devil's church. Devil's church is 34 meters long and 1-7 meters high. Folklore of the cave is in fact the actual church hall vestibule. The story goes that he who is able to climb the damn rear wall of the church located in a recess creates, you can see there a little devil's in the church hall benches.Devil`s church cave is used by many witches, the most famous was “Ukko Kinolainen”. In the cave have been visited many artists. Eero wrote the cave wall with a red paint Järnefelt poem, which is currently difficult to see.

"One  secret ,one  spirit.
one luck both of them
This is the church,
we remembering of the sacredness of it. "
Eero and Fanny 1893

Long time ago, the magicians seem to be applied from Pirunkirkko (Devil`s church) cave an advice and power. Stories of the famous Devil's church  witches was “Ukko Kinolainen” who used it. When he went to the edge of a spring, the water began to boil. Once Ukko Kinolainen scare the peoples from the church by asking from the people, if they wanted to see the dead. The people wanted, and Ukko Kinolainen made his magic. There was a noise of rattle and the ghosts grew from the church ground watching the surprise of the church crowd.
Peoples watched in horror and then became a big emergency to the witch, when he didn´t knew how to get back the dead to the grave. Finally, by grapping from the bottom of the lake the mud, to the dead eyes and Ukko Kinolainen got the dead peoples back to the ground. After that the wizard spake, "They got grown too big."

This translation is maybe not perfect ??????, but I hope you will understand something about it !!!!

 "Kolilla on useita luolia, joista yksi tunnetaan Pirunkirkkona. Pirunkirkko on 34 metriä pitkä ja 1–7 metriä korkea. Kansanperinteen mukaan luola on itse asiassa varsinaisen kirkkosalin eteinen. Tarinan mukaan se, joka pystyy kiipeämään pirunkirkon peräseinällä sijaitsevan syvennyksen luo, näkee siellä pienen pirun kirkkosalin penkkeineen. Luolaa ovat käyttäneet useat noidat, joista tunnetuin on Ukko Kinolainen. Luolassa ovat käyneet useat taiteilijat. Luolan seinämään kirjoitti Eero Järnefelt punaisella runon, joka nykyisin erottuu huonosti.
"Yksi salaisuus, yks henki.
yks onni kumpaisenki
on kirkko tämä,
sen pyhyyttä muistelemma aina."
Eero ja Fanny 1893"

(the original text)

Some pics from..."PIRUNKIRKKO" Koli,Finland...


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