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Over the past several months, there have been some changes within the House, both in membership and leadership. While these changes have been difficult for all involved, the result has been the coalescence of a group of people rededicated to personal connections and spiritual growth.

Therefore, we are pleased to announce that among these changes is the establishment of new caste leadership. Michelle/Xosh Belanger has graciously stepped from the role of Priest Caste Elder and taken up the new role of Elder Emeritus/House Advisor and will remain involved with the House as its Founder but in a role with more freedom to pursue new projects than was previously enjoyed as a caste elder.

The House is happy to announce the new Caste Elders, named in March, formally took their vows in April. The Counselor Caste Elder is Polina, a member with unique leanings of both counselor and warrior, she has been a member of the House since 2001. The Priest Caste Elder is Jackie, who has been engaged in House events as a priest, artist, and teacher since 2004. The Warrior Caste Elder is Joe, who dedicated to the House as a warrior in 2001 and has been an active leader within the House.

The new Elders are dedicated to the leadership of the House, the cultivation of interpersonal communication, mentorship and teaching within the House and in the community at large. As the House moves forward, there will be more changes as We rededicate to our pledge of promoting education and spiritual growth. Among the changes will be the restart of The Midnight Sun, the House biannual newsletter, as well as the formation of House Kheperu open online forums to foster discussion between House members and interested individuals.

Further, the House Elders would like to extend an invitation to the Community to come to the Our Gather in June in Oberlin, Ohio and meet the new leadership and members of the House. We feel that the best way to get a sense of who we are and where we are going is to come and meet the people involved. This is a new and exciting time and we invite you to be a part of the change.

Finally, if you have attended our gathers in the past you may notice a few missing faces. Due to a disciplinary investigation, Jane Pierce is no longer a member of the House and neither her actions nor her teachings are sanctioned by the House. We must also report that several other longtime members left in the aftermath, but we must all seek our own path and we wish them well. For those who remain, we look forward to growing together and exploring this new phase of the House of Transformation.


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