The mineral amazonite, part of the feldspar group, typically has a soft green to greenish-blue color (the green is due to lead) with bands of white or gray.  It often displays an iridescent refraction of light called schiller, giving the stone a pearl-like luster, which adds to its visual appeal.  It's fairly soft compared to other stones and is easily scratched.  Amazonite can also fade if exposed to extreme heat or light, so handle this stone with care.

A particularly soothing stone, amazonite can be used to aid self-expression; to increase hope, courage, and confidence; and to promote universal love.  Because of its association wit the element of earth, it has receptive, nurturing qualities.  It corresponds to the planet Uranus and has triclinic structure.  It calms nerves and is especially effective when used on the heart chakra.  For any situation where you need to act with confidence and self-assurance yet also communicate with kindness, charge this stone.


I am certain, I am sure; in my actions I'm secure

I am hopeful; I am kind:  heart and mind shall be aligned.


----------------Ember Grant-----------------------



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