By AnaMassien


I know many people that would right now argue with me that I don't have the right to work my own spells, write my own solo book of shadows and or re-create or create my own magickal pathway. I have been a pagan for over 15+ years. I say otherwise.

In the Degree tradition of paganism and witchcraft, first year witches will be encouraged to:

  1. Write their own spells
  2. Create and add periodically to their own Book of Shadows
  3. Attend their own circles for sabbat and esbats.

In the Second year they can:

1. Create their own covens.

2. Create a social group based on their works.

3. Create their own magickal tradition if they so choose.

In their third year they can:

1. Initiate coven leaders within their starting tradition

2. Initiate coven members into their own magickal traditions

3. Lead coven members to create their own spells and BoS's

4. Become a third generation witch within their home trad and circle

5. Lead passing on rituals with other elders of their home circle

6. Lead and work with other elders at wiccaning children (wiccan baptism) and so on.


Read more at: https://paganbook.socibd.com/blogs/rights-as-pagans-wiccans-etc

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