I have been in the goth scene longer than I have been in the Vampire scene in fact I believe Goth is not just music but Art and personality type which is about what you are as well as how you carry yourself from inside. Just like in the Vampire community the Goth community also has lifestyle Goths who dress the part to go out and have fun but are truly not Goth to the core of there being. I myself was born the person I am both Goth and Vampyre. Many Vampyres and Goths do not want each other put in the same category which I can understand as not all Vampyres are dark and macabre or artsy and passionate. These are two different things completely but not all goths are exactly the same either that just depends on the type of Goth and just like Vampyres we are all different but have many of the same qualities. Unfortunately because I am both Goth and Vampyre I feel cut off from both communities because of what I am. I feel despised by many Goths because I happen to be a Vampyre which I cannot change and I feel despised by many Vampyres because I am also Goth which again I can not help being. Goth is very much about how you live as well as how you act and you cannot help it because again it is what you are just like being a Vampyre.

© Founding Father J P Vanir

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