The Allure of the Vampyre is a trait we as Vampyres naturally posses whether they realize it or not. Is a gift fiction as well as Hollywood has taken advantage of for quite some time and why the Vampire is the favorite the "Hollywood Monster". Most assume that this is so because the Vampire is the closest "Monster" to humans but I highly disagree with that statement. A Vampyre can drag you in and the stare can drag you in; he or she can often make you do this that they need for there survival or benefit that you normally would not. Often this is unrealized and the Vampyre does not mean to do this; this is an ability many need to learn to control better so we do not take advantage of those we care about and love. Corvis Nocturnum wrote a wonderful book titled "Allure of the Vampire: Our Sexual Attraction to the Undead" I encourage you all to check out available at: https://www.amazon.com/Allure-Vampire-Sexual-Attraction-Undead/dp/1448658942 and talks about the Allure of the Vampire fiction and more. Our Allure is one of the few things that the fiction and Hollywood did so well on profiting as well as hitting so close to the truth.


There is way to much that got wrong and did the real Vampyre so much harm but there one most powerful tool hit closest to home. Whether you want to argue that this will be our downfall or our is our most powerful gift the Allure is the strongest one for us; it would seem we as Vampyres get most of our attention from it as well unfortunately as the bad media from prejudiced religious beliefs that we are evil, from crazed killers, and they idea that we are all "crazy". We should never let anything get the best of us nor drag us down. We should never take advantage of what we are given but use it to its fullest without letting it over take us. Many are good at this though many have also used it to commit crimes and take advantage of there Life Givers or Donor's which is appalling. We need to not let this take us to that level and sink to the depths of parasite that so many like to portray us as but not as a creature with different needs that most cannot even begin to comprehend. Most do not realize that we can heal using our gifts to take pain, depression, and anxiety away given that we can properly convert it or ground it so it does not harm ourselves but depending on your love for that person it can be worth it just to see them better.


© Founding Father J P Vanir

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