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Quite a few years ago I became a mother and it was a huge shock to my system. I had to make big adjustments to my outlook in life. I will protect my children and all baby lifeforms, it is a strong part of my nature. There is life energy all around us and most of it comes from Mother Earth. I see the Earth as a life form and all life on this world is by her design and part of her consciousness. That is my part of my ‘pagan’ views.

My vampire views are very similar. I cannot get all that I ‘need’ from ‘meat and potatoes’ food and sunlight, like most mammals can. This may be just a limiting thought form that I am holding on to?
But I get sick and depressed when hungry and I can see and manipulate the energy around me fairly easily, I become dangerous and predatory. I really dislike the word ‘vampire’. But with the word came so much clarity, I cannot deny it. I do not really like the word ‘pagan’, please call me ‘witch’ and be done with all the labeling.

Bringing up a child is such a complicated endeavour. There is no ‘right way’ and many, many wrong ways. All of them leach energy from me and nearly everyone around them. I am not calling them vampiric in any way. I feel it is to early to tell. But all are energy leaches.

It is interesting to watch young manipulators develop, they started learning to play with energy at a very young age. Manipulating emotions and people from as young as 6 or 7. They are gaining in skill but will cause trouble so as to feed off it, as soon as they are in the door, if they are feeling low or down.

We now send them outside until they behave themselves and have energetically fed. But the prod and poke of insistent ‘feed me now’ energy is unmistakable. If you watch and wait for the energy to smooth out and become grounded in them again they are some of the most warm and affectionate kids around but if they are depleted and low, they becomes a little manipulating monsters, poking all around them into anger and irritation until they have fed. I am sure I wasn’t half as bad?

We teach them how to feed from nature but they are not listening much. I trust they will work it out for I have given them all the clues and they are a bright kids.

But like most things that are hunters, lessons are usually learned the hard way.
I teach them all to be responsible for their own energy, if feeling low or sick to look to diet and go outside for a boost. They are smart kids and I am proud of their growth. I have to balance out consideration for all and looking after one other vs. their natural hunting and preying on the weaknesses of each other. They are natural manipulators and all are learning new ways to prey on each other daily. I keep the boundaries firm and fair. They still respect my authority and I keep them

from becoming the monsters that could easily be released if they were in a ‘less aware’ home.

I personally rang rings around my parents, they were so unaware it felt shameful taking such advantage…but I did it anyway. My children do not have that option, though one day, I have no doubt, they will lie to me and get away with it….I will be so proud.

I raise my kids honestly and if they ask a question they deserve a full answer…they know that mummy is a witch and roll their eyes at me a lot. My youngest picked up too much info when I was talking to a friend and I had some explaining to do as he started telling everyone he drank blood…*wince* .. no, NOT that sort! I explained about energy vamps and he now spouts to lots of people that we are energy vampires. I learned fast not to share so much with him now. The word ‘vampire’ has been replaced with energy dancer in my house, not so much attention is given to that.
As I have seen most children showing many energy leach tendencies and I am teaching them energy manipulation, we are not calling it that, of course, but that is what it is.

The last couple of years I have found so much more strength in myself . I am still evolving and much of that evolution can be painful. Paganism never touched me as deeply on a soul level as vampirism. I am a spiritual vampire and now take my nature as an energy dancer as my faith. I am fully awake to my nature as a feeder of energy and have to be aware totally of my own energy levels, this has taught me control and discipline. I am learning that in combining both my psychic vampirism knowledge and developing skills and what I learned as a pagan witch the outcome is pure ‘me’.

I am writing another book called Stripped Witchcraft, where I am taking all the new age
and Wicca out of the Path of a Natural Witch.

My career hasn’t been affected much except now I don’t really care so much what other people think about me. I have given up trying to heal or teach those that do not want healing or teaching. It was a frustrating game anyway. Since giving it up I am now finding temptation to fall back into that field again and maybe earn some bucks spouting all that new age bull shit, that I can do so well…will I sell out? Maybe…but probably not.

I had no real religion growing up, Church of England is a very relaxed Christian up bringing and I was studying occult magic at age 10/11.. taking the biggest book on magic to church one Christmas and propping it up on the pew in front got me happily banned.

Pagan circles are a fantastic buffet of energy for a psychic vampire. Many psychic vampires hang out in witch, wiccan, druid, new age, angelic and shamanic circles and events and even mind, body and spirit fairs and craft markets. I used to hang out in those huge halls, decked with people selling their crystals and earth magic books, lapping it up. A group raising power is also like a flame to the vampire moths. Many of the leaders of these groups get high and addicted on the energy of it all, call a leader of a magic circle group a vampire and see how long it takes for the tide to turn on you and you are out.

I suspect many people go to their churches and temples for the same reason. The glow of a happily fed psychic vampire coming out of a Christian church is easy to spot once you know what you are looking for.

Children draining dry their caregivers is a common cry of all parents. No sleep and no energy is every parents lament. I see the whole nature of a new baby breaking down and binding the parent to the child. It is an awesome thing to watch. Excruciating to experience, I have gone through it three times and it does get easier because you have to get stronger. One of the most deadliest things in this world is a mother whose young are threatened. Because she is bound, energetically and emotionally to her children, they own her.
It is nature at its best.

What a bitch.

There are a few Vampire Churches and Temples out there. Many have a huge membership and large amounts of ‘knowledge’ and information on their beliefs. I have really tried to pore through great big piles of the information on their faith, but it bored me to tears.

I do not believe vampires are any sort of ‘master race’ or a race of demi-gods. To have an alien soul is one thing but I think that some people are really off their heads in this field. I mean that in the nicest way but if you have a different DNA and are not human, it can be proved rather fast with a blood test and no one living has been found yet, to my knowledge.

Some of these Vampire Churches ban the feeding on blood or energy. Now that confuses me. Are they just into the sparkle, fangs and capes? Can that really be a religion? I guess I can’t understand everything and the mindset of these vampire religions is beyond me. I am rather thankful for that.
Most people in the Vampire Community seem to have their own personal beliefs and faiths outside the fact of being a self-identifying vampire. There are Christian, Buddhists, Pagan, Satanist, Muslim and Atheists Vampires. It is not actually argued about much. There are a few fanatics that come into the groups to ‘save’ us all, but they do that in most fringe communities, they are ignored and leave….or played with a bit as food and fun, then leave.

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