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Before I embraced the terminology of the Vampire Community, back when the Pagan/Magickal community was the only group I was a member of….I didn’t react too strongly to the mention of Psychic Attack. Once I had a grasp of the technical working aspects of magick, my response was something like….”Well….do something about it.”

If a magician or energy-worker hears about energy workings….and psychic attacks are just energy workings of a sort….then, they can shield, divert or convert the type of energy–just to mention a few options. If the magick or energy-worker is not effective or claims that they don’t know how to do so, then they can practice making stronger shields, energetic deflectors or moving the energy from one place to another. If they do not seek to improve and strengthen their skills, then they will never become an effective energy worker.

Psychic Vampires have filters that we can use. We have the ability to manipulate energy–and we become better at doing so, with practice. My reaction when a Psychic Vampire complains that they are being psychically attacked: “Well….eat it.”

We dance within the borders between Energy Feeders and Magicians. If we cannot eat all of the energy of the incoming attack, we can bundle up the extra energy (and store it), use it for another purpose, send it to another area (perhaps slow it down and make it available for consumption by other psychic vampires)….or a variety of other possibilities. Psychic Vampires move within the realms of non-physical energy. There is simply no reason to complain about an incoming attack. We eat that energy. By the time that we become conscious and sensitive to the movements of energy, we at least have some grasp of how to work with it. If you are not capable of working with a large amount of energy, break it down or clean it up….act and treat it as an opportunity to practice and strengthen your abilities. 

2. Psychic Vampyre attack doesn't exist and here is why by Aletheia Luna

The Vampyre part was added by Rev. JP Vanir

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by Aletheia Luna


healers, shamans, and spiritual teachers out there proclaim that it is possible to be manipulated, controlled, and even cursed by the negative energy of not only other people, but other supernatural beings. As a result, they prescribe certain tools, practices, jewelry, and of course, products that you must buy in order to “protect” yourself from being harmed.

Unfortunately, this belief creates a great deal of anxiety, fear, and cognitive dissonance within people, which is why I’d like to dissect and debunk it with you.


A psychic attack is said to be negative energy that a person or supernatural lifeform sends to you either consciously or unconsciously. This malicious energy is directed towards your physical, social, emotional, mental and/or spiritual wellbeing.

Many new age practitioners out there suggest that psychic attack can not only come from other people, but also from entities such as spirits, ghosts, or demons. But generally, speaking, psychic attack supposedly happens when another human being feels anger, hatred, resentment, jealousy, or other “negative” emotions towards you.

I want to be very clear about the definition of psychic attack here. Psychic attack is energetic in nature meaning that it is to do purely with inflicting and receiving energy. Some people have mentioned that psychic attack is tied up in cult or ritual abuse. However, please be aware that psychological abuse and brainwashing tactics are a completely new subject. Abuse is very real, and you should seek help from a trusted therapist or healer if you have experienced it. On the other hand, psychic attack involves a belief in the thought that someone or something is attacking you with their energy.

The problem with beliefs is that they can seem very real, especially when we use our experiences to support them. Common ways the belief in psychic attack is supported include for example:

  • things we have seen
  • things we have felt or experienced
  • things our family has gone through
  • experiences we’ve had with healers who have “cured” us

The strong belief in psychic attack is perhaps why such a topic is so touchy to many people. Psychic attack may begin with others, but it ultimately ends with you. In other words, while something may appear to attack you, it is up to you to take it personally or not. 

Common sensationalist claims of psychic attack include:

  • feelings of being hypnotized without your permission
  • frightening dreams
  • sleep paralysis
  • feeling cursed
  • feeling watched
  • headaches
  • feelings of being physically controlled
  • exhaustion

… and many other emotional/physical symptoms ranging from unrealistic fears to stomach aches and pains.

Proponents of psychic attack say that there are some things you can do to “protect yourself,” including, for example, cutting cords, using crystals, refusing energy, visualizing walls of light, and much more. 


If you think anyone has the power to hurt you, you’re confused. ~ Byron Katie

It is true that everything in life is energy, including emotions and thoughts. It is also true that we can be negatively impacted by another person’s behavior, words, and on a more subtle level, energy.

However, psychic attack doesn’t exist because, in reality, nothing and no one can truly “control” us.

People who buy into the idea of psychic attack tend to possess a fearful worldview that centers around the belief in powerlessness. Therefore, whenever a negative emotion or sensation is felt in response to another person, it is immediately interpreted as an attack. This leads to the self-victimizing thoughts of “I have to protect myself” and the confirmation that you are at the “mercy” of others.

Essentially, psychic attack assumes that we have no control and are basically “victims” of other people. It also assumes that everything in life is separate (i.e. “THEY” are hurting “ME”), thus reinforcing the ego’s filtered view of reality. In other words, something “out there” can “hurt me badly” so now “I have to protect myself.” This is a fragmented perception of reality.

Ideas that we can be “hypnotized” without our permission (which is impossible) or experience bad luck is the result of our fear-based beliefs and insecurities. In truth, nothing can harm us unless we consciously or unconsciously believe in the thought that it can. However, when we filter life through the eyes of confirmation bias, we will find anything to support our beliefs no matter how far-fetched or seemingly true they appear to be.  

Here’s another approach to debunking psychic attack. Have you ever asked yourself the question, “does experiencing something uncomfortable mean that it is personally attacking me?” Or have you ever considered that something that is hurting you might not be deliberately trying to hurt you? Couldn’t it be that your body/mind is simply highly sensitive and feels overwhelmed in response to powerful stimuli?

Many people may argue, “But it’s true, I DID experience psychic attack because this and this and this happened.” But psychic attack can only become an “attack” when YOU take it personally and perceive it as an attack. Otherwise, the energy from others is simply energy, moving and flowing.

Put simply, psychic attack is only real when you believe it is real. Otherwise, it is a non-issue. 

Furthermore, psychic attack operates purely from the ego’s dualistic perspective only. However, when we truly inquire into what we are, we realize that we can never truly be harmed, for we are Life Itself. Beyond the changing names, bodies, feelings, thoughts, sensations, beliefs, and personalities that we assume is “us” exists a presence that never changes, and that has always been constant. That presence IS all things — there is no separation. In other words, believing in psychic attack is like believing that the ocean can drown itself. It’s impossible.

***Rev. JP Vanirs thoughts and additions: I believe in order for an entity to take from you you must open to it or allow it as there are very few Human Vampyres who could be strong enough to force it and as in Vampyre mythology you I believe you must allow them to take from you (though you may not always realize it however) that is where the allure comes in as well***


Psychic attack is a belief that reflects humanity’s insecurities, maladjustments, and mental imbalances. To believe in it provides a temporary sense of “control” and “protection,” but a long-term sense of paranoia and reinforced fearful ego boundaries.

Some people may wonder why the belief in psychic attack even exists. The answer is that there’s a lot to gain from such a belief, for example:

  • It reinforces the ego’s story of separation from others
  • It helps us to spiritually bypass the need to take self-responsibility for our fear by believing that others are “forcing us” to feel a certain way
  • It reinforces our fearful worldview (through confirmation bias)
  • It reinforces the role of victim/perpetrator

I also trace the belief in psychic attack back to Hollywood and religion. Both tend to sensationalize and create a distorted worldview based on fear.


In the past, I’ve received quite a few emails from people who believe that others have practiced dark magic and have “cursed” them with dark energy, or certain supernatural forces are “attacking” them. (Rev. JP Vanir says/believes: this does happen and I am sure this writer is an ignorant atheist even if some of her writing has some basis in fact)

No matter what another person says or does, it is important to take responsibility for your wellbeing. Remember that suffering begins and ends with you. You were not made to live in fear.

Here are some ways to reclaim your personal power and loosen the grip of this belief from your life:

1. Write down ways you might be projecting your fear onto other people.

2. Explore the ingrained thoughts and beliefs that cause you to feel powerless in your life.

3. Learn to develop a clear sense of self – this is known as individuation.

4. Take responsibility for your happiness by identifying ways you fall into the victim role.

5. Learn the practices of mindfulness and non-resistance.

6. Learn emotional regulation and catharsis. You might like to read this article for extra help.


I can’t emphasize enough how important it is to use critical thought in conjunction with open-mindedness. On the spiritual path it’s important to be discerning. There are so many delusions out there masquerading as reality, and before long we can easily become tangled in the web of fear. I hope this dissection of the phenomenon known as psychic attack has helped you to reconnect with reality again.

Be free. :)

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