No, not quite like in the avenger movies, though they did do SOME research for him.


Many who follow asatru treat him with much the same attitude as Christianity treats the devil. Then again, many who follow asatru started christian, and the major documentation we have for Norse gods was written after Norway converted by a century or two. Since it was recorded by people who had gotten used to there being a big bad trickster villain, some of this tints the writing, but despite that Loki's true colors survived. He can be seen just as often helping another god or goddess as he can harming.


So what is Loki really about?


Balance: If your ego is about to get you in trouble, he may knock it back. Like that time Baldr thought no plant would kill him. But if you forgot that you're worth something, he may also help you reclaim your strength, like that time he helped Thor get his hammer back. He's also know as 'wolf's father', and predators are part of how nature keeps things balanced.


Challenge: If someone says it can't be done he'll do it just to prove them wrong. Like that time he gave birth. To a horse. With extra legs.


Transformation: He's a man, hes an old woman, he's a salmon, he's a mare. But whatever gender or species he is, it's what he needed to get the job done.


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