by Damien Ferguson


There are many many ways to feel energy. What works for you will normally depend on how you percieve it. Be it smell, sight, feel, or etc.  But that is getting ahead of ourselves abit. So you are new and want to learn how to feel energy I am guessing if you are reading this. So we will do a simple exercise or two to help get you started.


The easiest way I have found is to either sit in front of a fan, or in a windy area and close your eyes. Ignore the eyes for now as it is the more dominant sense for humans and we will need to get a bit past relying just on that sense. So you are sitting in front of wind with your eyes closed. Now focuse on the sense of feel/touch. Feel the air touch and move  against and over you. The natural way it feels and moves. How you cannot see it but know it is there. After getting used to feeling it as so. Being used to it. Try to feel out a bit to where it is coming from. This may take a bit of time but you will be able to feel the direction the air is coming from without looking.Yes you will know the way it is coming from looking before you closed your eyes of course..but this is to help you know it without using your eyesight as well.


Once you feel confident you can feel it against you and where it is coming from without looking it is finally time to move up a bit.  Go to a park bench, a mall bench, or somewhere you can sit with people around. Close your eyes. Feel the wind people create as they move past you and where it comes from and even “who” it came from.  Once you are able to do that at a decent level and feel you are accurate at it then we will move onto the next step.


This step is where we will finally go into energy. You already can feel the air someone creates when they move near you and the direction and hopefully even “who” it came from. Now it is time to keep your eyes closed but to look at them as they move past. Do you smell them sharply? See colors with your eyes closed? Feel them? Figure out which seems the strongest to you sense wise. Once that is figured out then you can begin to focus on that sense towards people. You will either be able to pick out their colors, their feel, their smell, or whatever else your senses translate it to for you. This will be your first steps to sensing energy to those near you.


Hopefully this starter will help you be able to learn to sense energy. It will not be instant and it will indeed take time. Be clear headed when doing these exercises and it will help you succeed better. Feel free to keep a journal with you to write down it all afterwards as well for reference or to help solidify it for yourself and help keep self doubt at bay.

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