Title Published
Shielding by unknown
Types of Vampires - Different Vampire Variations
Myths to reality Out of the Shadows into the Light
On responsibility for learning and controlling one's own vampirism Author Unknown
Clinical Vampires? by herrielarch
The Three Main Categories of Vampirism According to Sorin Elderwolf Apostolos
Vampires and Occult Mysteries by Sarah Dorrance
Vampires in europe new england halloween history BY BECKY LITTLE
The Vampire Archetype by unknown
Psychic Vampyre the misunderstood healer by Ilchi Lee
Spirit Work and Vampires
Gummies! and Other Blood Candy Written by Damien Ferguson, Rei Tadashi
Vampires in Mytholgy and there background By Catherene NightPoe
Should we talk about the possibility of Turning? by Amador Vampyre
Vampyre Magick and Psychic Vampyrism
Psychic Energy Feeding By Lilith Vain
Some Energy Vamp Questions Answered by Lilitha Vain
The Truth About Real Vampires Today Fanged creatures secretly prowl among us By Kelly Redhead
Cyber-Feeding 101 by Hesperus
Psychic Vampirism
Pranic feeding explanation VS Tantric Feeding by JP Vanir
Vampyric types by Rev. JP Vanir
Real Vampyrism (fact verses fiction) By Rev. JP Vanir
Human Living Vampyre Beginnings according to Rev. JP Vanir
What Is Awakening by Michelle Belanger
There Are 7 Types of NEGATIVE TYPE Energy Vampires—Here's How to Deal with Each One By Sarah Stiefvater
Real Vampirism definitions by Suscitatio Enterprises
What type are we as real Vampyres
Real Sanguinarian Vampyres


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