Creation Theory and Gods by Rev. JP Vanir

I am beginning to rethink my creation theory of mankind; I used to believe maybe the Christian God could have created human kind (as it is so very flawed) BUT creation is NOT a masculine feature but a feminine one. So, are the Gods all feminine or are they both masculine and feminine? Either way Males cannot create living things by themselves; they only decide certain factors in the child but some living things are both masculine and feminine or male and female. So, could the same be true of the Gods? So many Christians are hung up on their God being a male or father figure but if he was that is not the job of a father to create and then there are those who believe he could be both which I think would be more plausible as a creator. However, in many of the other stories the Gods give birth through sex just like us so there is another theory as to how we all came into being? As for the ridiculous "scientific" theory of pure chance and we all came from nothing except a for no reason chance "bang". I however believe everything MUST be created by someone not a non-living thing or chance occurrence.


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