History Of the original V-TempleUVUP: 

We started out originally as a United Temple in Ohio Since Dec 18, 2003 with members everywhere for freedom of beliefs and spirituality. Our main belief is that all religions have their basis in truth, and by trying to understand each other we may come closer to the real truth. Our name Vampyrian Temple United Vampyre Universalist Pagan is the basis for what we believe as our spirituality. We want the various communities to be united in its knowledge of what Vampyrism is and what we are capable of as Vampyre and Human. We also believe Vampyres are spiritual beings and are very Eclectic (or Universal) in our belief. We believe in Vampyrism as a part of our lives as well as our spirituality and what makes Vampyrism (Vampyrian) a Spiritual condition is that though we are humans OUR SPIRIT OR SOUL is a Vampyre soul. I believe Layla (Lilith) is our dark mother; my personal belief is that Vampyrism is a product of her as well as the Fallen Angels, Demons, or Gods who decided to come to this realm mated with human females who bore Vampyre children. Who were born, not turned, and we possess a Vampyre soul. 

I know a lot of Vampyres like vampire church, and they get a lot of respect. They have been around for a long while, and I like what I have heard (http://www.vampire-church.com). The only thing I do not get about them is why they call themselves vampire church, if they are not even a church and want to deny the connection between Vampyrism and Spirituality. That is partially why I started Temple United Vampyrian Universal Pagan. It is unfortunate that too many people see do not want to associate with religions and Spirituality because of certain churches and cults giving Religions and Spiritualities a bad name. As long as we can learn to disagree with out pushing beliefs on others and fighting about them, we should be able to openly include or Spirituality into our Vampyrism as we are very Spiritual creatures. At first it was just a group to talk about Vampyrism, Spirituality, and how they can be connected. Some months later, I was focused on becoming a House, seeing as the Temple was growing pretty well at the time. 

A year and a day passed: we had several of the same members we had from the beginning, and according to Michelle Belanger and the Sanguinarium at the time, we were a House. The Temple or Coven really did not come too much into play until a year or so later. We then were focused on becoming an official church and would like to see Vampyrianism (Vampyrism) recognized as an official religion; that is my primary goal. V-TempleUVUP is my whole life and my baby. I look forward to the future of V-TempleUVUP, our growth, and what all we are able to do. I have met too many people (or Covens) who want to say, if you do not follow their beliefs, then you either are not a Vampyre (T.O.V.), or you are. But I am far from being that stuck up. As I am a Universalist Pagan as well as a Vampyrian, I believe that most religions have truth to them as well, as misunderstandings. 

I have been finding the Vampyrian faith for last several years; though a very old faith in reality. I keep my mind open, as I am continually finding new things to be true. If I was like those Covens, I might as well still be Christian. This is what too many religions seem to be anymore, except for most Pagan and Universal Unitarianism. Eclectic Spirituality seems to be the most popular belief anymore as most people cannot just embrace one well known faith so they find there own which is exactly what we support. With us Vampyres being half human, as well as Vampyre or (Demon/Fallen Angel) it reminds me of the Dhampir or the Nephilim. Born human and Vampyr as we are. There is NO absolute evil and NO absolute good. NOTHING is perfect, and NO male Deity can create everything, or be perfect. No one is without fault. Creation is a Female attribute, NOT Male. It is sad to see even the Egyptians and Romans thought that to be true. I therefore cannot believe such faiths or keep 100% to one religion alone. We all must find our own faith and beliefs. 


However now we have included JP Vanirs other baby, The Vampyre, Pagan and Goth Alliance to the Social Network to show the Dark Alternative Community can have a place to unite. Just please be patient with me up dating the SN - site...



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