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I am certified to perform Weddings in Ohio as well as ceremonies and rituals (since 2002) . I am the only Ordained Pagan Minister in Delaware County, Ohio. Most are Christian but I have been an Ordained Pagan Minister since 2002 with Universal Ministries but prefer Universal Life Church and was ordained in 2006 with them. I also wrote pdfs/books on the Vampyrian beliefs... 

39.60 dollars for a wedding and Rituals ect. or I can do by your income contact me at: [email protected]

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Vampyrian Shadow Book

***13.99 is just a suggested donation please email if it is too much and I can email you a pdf for less

The Vampyrian belief is that most religions are based in there understandings of truth and are not complete truth or lies just what people understand but nothing is absolute. Most religions make people feel good that someone may be up there taking care of them if anything goes wrong they need not fear because someone up there will make it OK. That is good for most to keep them from worrying over small things since most people trend to do that. However it takes away your personal power which you can develop on your own especially if you are other kin (Vampyres, fea, and such).

Our spirituality is that we have very Spiritual souls as Vampyres. This is my third book since 2006 in the Vampyrian Collection but the other two were the beginnings of this collection. There are a few problems on this book as I do not know how to correct the PDF file please understand...

Copywrite: 7/30/2010 

ISBN  9780557583904

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* If you want a real book and not just a pdf copy the Shipping is 5.00 you can email me at: [email protected]

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